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Ondo youths vow to disrupt political rallies, campaigns over neglect by govt

Youths in the Akotogbo community in Irele Local Government Area of Ondo State have vowed to disrupt political activities in the town ahead of the 2023 general elections, citing the state government’s alleged negligence.

Hundreds of youths marched to the streets on Thursday to protest the negligence, stating that they will not reconsider their decision unless the government pays immediate attention to the community’s social needs.

The protesters claimed that the 12 km Akotogbo-Ajagba Road, which connects the area to other parts of Ondo State, has been cut off for a long time and that the government has done nothing to fix it.

They also claimed that as a result of the government’s negligence, the town lacked proper roads, power, and other facilities.

The youths were armed with placards that read “Ondo Government Pay Attention to Akotogbo,” “Our Roads Are The Worst In Ondo State,” “No Light, No Teachers In Akotogbo,” “No Good Road, No Election In Akotogbo,” And “Our Roads Are The Worst In Ondo State.”

According to the youths, Akotogbo is the only big community on the border between Edo and Ondo states that does not have access to good roads or electricity.

During the protest, Mr. Nenuwa Ayodele, the Chairman of the Youth Group, stated his displeasure with all of the politicians who had previously been elected in the area.

“kidnappers have turned the only road linking the town with other parts of Ondo state to death traps as they usually strike daily.”

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