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TrendyNews Reporters, is envisioned to be a world class news blog with a touch of finesse. It’s vision and mission are intricately intertwined. We intend to report the news as it breaks, within the four corners of the world, looking at the facts and being fair to all sides without fear or favour. We hope to give voice to the voiceless and strength to all oppressed minorities where ever they are, while also allowing the majority to have their space and thrive. Equity is the word! Corruption, which is vile and a major hindrance to development, would be spoken against with all vehemence, irrespective of who is involved. Good governance will not only be reported, the actors would be showcased to serve as role models to future leaders.

While maintaining International posture, we intend not to loose focus of our immediate environment. Therefore, Edo state politics and its people would be accorded prominence within our radar of coverage. Zeroing it down, Esan land, which happens to be a minority within the state amongst others, would enjoy adequate reportage and deservedly so, given our policy thrust.

Finally, entertainment, sports and other human angle related stories would be given premium attention from time to time. Do keep a date with us. It’s a bet, you wont regret you did.


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