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Zelensky Confirms Shelling Of Ukraine’s Nuclear Power Plant

by Ebor Cletus Ralph Jr

This was confirmed by Zelensky on Friday, when he confirmed Russia’s midnight shelling of a Ukrainian nuclear power station.

After bombardment by Russian forces raised concerns about the safety of Ukraine’s atomic infrastructure, a fire broke out at the country’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear reactor, Europe’s largest of its kind.

The fire erupted early Friday morning in a training building on the site’s perimeter and was put out at 6.20 a.m. Ukraine time.

In a video statement released on Friday, Zelensky added, “Europe must wake up now.”

“Europe’s largest nuclear power plant is on fire.” Russian tanks are currently pounding nuclear power plants. Those are the tanks with thermal vision, which allows them to see where they’re shelling. If there is an explosion, we will all perish, Europe will perish, and Europe will be evacuated.

“Only rapid European action can stop Russian forces and avoid Europe’s death from a nuclear power plant disaster.”

“Apart from Russia, no other country has ever fired a missile at a nuclear power plant.” This is the first time in our history that this has happened. In the annals of human history. “The terrorist State has now turned to nuclear terror,” he explained.


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