By Ebor Cletus Ralph Jr

Like I mentioned in my earlier write up, the run up to EDO 2024 gubernatorial race, is never going to be just another day in the office for the ESAN people. Those who anticipate a tea party, should brace up for a hard road to travel. What this means is that, a fight would come from the binis and Afemai people. It doesn’t matter where the governor stands at the end of the day, truth is, individuals would want to test their luck. Take it to the bank, guys like the current deputy governor of the state, Philip Shuaibu, Rep member, Ogbeide Ihama, current secretary to the state government, Osarodion Ogie and a host of other non Esan tribe, would participate in the race, irrespective of what their parties and leaders say. So, I repeat, it’s never going to be a tea party. We have got to get our arts together for dialogue. We have got to seek their understanding and support. Most importantly, we must be prepared to appeal to emotions and reason. Topic for another day, though!

From the outset and especially, taking into cognizance the Esan agenda for 2024, we had a couple of eminent Esan sons and daughters lined up for discussion. Given the avalanche of prominent Esan sons and daughters all over the world, we also knew that, it would take more than a single publication to do justice to the subject. Therefore, I wasn’t surprised at the deluge of mails I got, after the first group was showcased especially, those who felt that, their favorites have been left out. Be rest assured that, no single Esan son or daughter worth that office and has the ambition for it, would be sidelined. Therefore, this is the perfect response to that anxiety. So, bring them on.


This is yet another prominent Esan son worthy of the Edo top job in 2024. Anselm Ojezua hails from Edenu quarters in the great kingdom of Irrua. He has been in the political circle for quite a while. In fact, he has been an active figure since the birth of the current republic in 1999. He is a hard core politician and party man. He served prominently during the regimes of Lucky Igbinedion, Adam’s Oshiomhole and Godwin Obaseki, both in cabinet capacity as well as, a party leader. He was also instrumental to the successful return of Gov Obaseki for a second term. Overtly and covertly, he in collaboration with other party leaders and interest groups, ensured that, the growing political influence of former Gov. Adams Oshiomhole, was successfully neutralized.

Being a politician, naturally came as a vocation for Anselm Ojezua. For the record, he trained as a lawyer. That makes him an attorney at law, a learned one for that matter. Anselm is a family man, a happy one and with children. Barrister Ojezua is in his early 60s


Hon. Patrick Ikhariale was a federal parliamentarian, who represented the good people of Esan central federal Constituency in the national assembly for two terms. While there, he was the House committee chairman on electricity, besides, being a voice of his constituents. Prior to his journey to the national assembly, he served meritoriously as a commissioner, in the government of Chief Lucky Igbinedion in the early stages of this republic. Hon. Ikhariale hails from Opoji Town in Esan central local government area of the state. While at the national assembly and as part of his Constituency intervention initiatives, Ikhariale under took several projects to the admiration of his people. To his credit, several of such people oriented efforts still stand tall in many communities.

Hon. Patrick Ikhariale, like most other Esan sons and daughters, is well schooled. He is a solicitor in the Supreme Court of Nigeria with several years of experience. Barrister Ikhariale is in his 60s. This tall, well built and handsome Opoji man, is happily married and blessed with children.


Distinguished Sen. Osariemen OSUNBOR is the pride of Iruekpen quarters in Ekpoma, Esan west local government area of Edo state. Outside Prof. Ambrose F. Alli and Chief Christopher Abebe, he is the most known name in Ekpoma and indeed, Esan land. His parents were well educated, therefore, it’s no surprise that, the young Osariemen had an early advantage over his peers. He attended Demonstration school now Idumogo primary school, Igueben, where his mother was a teacher. He made a rare first class degree in law, from the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He went further to obtain a PhD in law in record time and with flying colors. Given his exceptional brains, he was appointed a lecturer, where he taught law and rose to become a professor.

Prof. OSUNBOR left his lecturing job to contest as a senatorial candidate and won. He was in the Nigerian senate for two terms.While there, he availed the entire senate of his rich and vast intellectual reservoir, as it relates to legal matters. In 2007, he left the senate to contest the gubernatorial position of Edo state and won. Barely a year in office, he lost the position after long drawn legal battles. No thanks to internal party squabbles. If Prof. Osunbor had successfully done his term or terms, this write up, would have been inconsequential. Against this backdrop, Osunbor on the scale of emotion and other considerations, has a claim to Osadebe Avenue. Osariemen Osunbor is in his late 60. Gentle and easy going, he is married to a delectable lady from north central Nigeria and they are favored with beautiful and responsible children.


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