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Researchers warn of acute food crisis in Nigeria, other developing nations in event of US-Russia nuclear war

by Ebor Cletus Ralph Jr

According to a recent study, if Russia and the United States started a nuclear war, Nigerians and people in other third-world countries would experience a severe food crisis.

Researchers at Rutgers University voiced concern that the nuclear confrontation would cause catastrophic food supply shortages, particularly in Nigeria and other third-world nations.
A smaller-scale nuclear conflict between Pakistan and India, according to the report, would obliterate food supplies, reduce world productivity by 7 percent within five years, and result in the deaths of up to 2.5 billion people.

It further stated that in these situations, food insecurity would be more deadly than nuclear explosions.

“The data tell us one thing: We must prevent a nuclear war from ever happening,” a climate scientist, Alan Robock, co-author of the study, said in a statement.

The researchers examined how wind patterns could spread smoke and fire from nuclear attacks and cloudy skies above major food exporters such as the US and China.

“The lack of sunlight would collapse harvests and could lead to a 90 percent drop in animal, fishing and crop yields worldwide within four years of a conflict between major nuclear powers,” it added.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Chinese military drills near Taiwan have renewed fears of nuclear conflict in recent times.

After the war broke out in Ukraine, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, said his nuclear forces were “combat ready,” stoking fears of possible nuclear conflict with the West 30 years after the end of the Cold War.

Russian officials later attempted to soften Putin’s warning.

China has conducted numerous drills around Taiwan following recent trips by US lawmakers to the island, which Beijing claims as its territory.

The instability in the Taiwan Strait comes as Western experts warn that Beijing is accelerating a build-up of its nuclear arsenal.


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