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Shaving pubic hair regularly could increase risk of herpes, HPV infection, physician warns

A health expert, Dr. Chinonso Egemba, has cautioned against frequent shaving of pubic hair, warning that those engaging in it could be more at risk of herpes, human papilloma virus and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The medical practitioner, popularly known as ‘Aproko Doctor’ on social media said that the pubic hair is there for a reason, adding that sometimes it’s just better to leave it alone than to shave.

In a post on his Instagram page @aproko_doctor, Egemba explained that pubic hair acts as some sort of protection and prevents friction during sexual intercourse.

He said, “It can act like a barrier or bulletproof, so it’s not every time skin to skin happens which protects you from some STD’s.

“It can also prevent friction. If you notice, that every time you shave completely and engage in sexual activities you can have some friction, which may also encourage the spread of STDs like herpes and human papillomavirus, generally known as HPV.

Egemba advises individuals that asides from avoiding frequent shaving, they should ensure that the pubic area is properly taken care of and is as clean as possible.

According to an article published by Verywell Health, an online health page, shaving may not be the best choice for good sexual health.

“Hair removal, especially shaving, can lead to small cuts or openings on the genital skin. Waxing can also inflame hair follicles. 

“This could increase susceptibility to certain infections.

“Disturbing bumps or sores caused by an STI could increase the transmission of the infection on your own skin and transmission to your partner. For example, scratching a Molluscum contagiosum infection can transmit it. Shaving is an even more efficient way of opening up the bumps and transmitting the virus.

“Hair removal removes the cushioning distance between two bodies provided by pubic hair. This means that there is both more friction and more skin-to-skin contact. This could increase the risk of infections that are transmitted in that manner.

“Unhygienic hair removal techniques could directly transmit infection,” it said.

The health page advises individuals to also, “Avoid shaving or waxing right before you have sex. That should give any damage you cause to your skin time to heal.

“Avoid shaving or waxing when you have any STI symptoms. This reduces the likelihood of self-inoculation.”


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