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The Aboki is smarter than any other tribes in Nigeria

Register your voters card: No more excuse

Well many Nigerian youths who do not have voters card always say is because they don’t have time to go for registration or queue that is stressful, which is not a reasonable excuse, we don’t just sit at home and watch the Tv during the election when we are supposed to be out there voting for the person we need in power, we keep complaining about the country is bad and we have bad leaders, what have we done as a youth or citizen to vote, we don’t wanna involve ourselves which is wrong, the Aboki is smarter than any other tribe in Nigeria because they always make sure they involve themselves during election time, it time our youth wake up to see the opportunity involving during election time

write how you can actually register your voter’s card online and book an appointment for your biometric capture

as easy and simple as possible

I encourage our youth to try to get their voters cards and let vote wise and let the right person rule this country

Register your voter’s card with the link below

Register your voter’s card

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