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We Are Ready To Face Any Scenario – Greece Reacts To Threats From Turkey


According to the news report from the BBC News; they revealed that The unprecedented rhetorical escalation by Ankara in recent weeks, led by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan himself, is said to have Athens ready for any scenario.

Erdogan’s use of escalation tactics has also been attributed by diplomatic and other circles in the Greek capital to the AKP government’s desire to mobilize the nationalism-loving Turkish audience.

Erdogan’s stance has further motivations as well, including Turkey‘s effort to reclaim access to US weapons. Erdogan thinks that applying pressure now, when attention is on the conflict in Ukraine, could be fruitful because Turkey has already established itself as a reliable ally of the West by exporting Ukrainian grain.

As Washington works to preserve an alliance of nations already dealing with political issues brought on by rising living costs, Erdogan is also pushing for NATO to recognize Turkey’s distinction.

The Turkish Air Force, which has a large proportion of F-16 jets, will have operational issues without American components and support, thus this campaign also has a practical component.

Athens is not downplaying Erdogan’s stance or its sporadic modifications in response to global events. This is evident from the diplomatic initiative it has taken to draw attention to Turkish aggression.

Technocratically speaking, Athen views Ankara’s actions as a component of a larger effort to construct a revisionist history. Analysts point to the November 2019 maritime agreement between Turkey and Libya, the Evros and Eastern Mediterranean crises in 2020, as well as Ankara’s use of the refugee crisis as a political football.

Additionally, Turkey has formalized its challenge to Greek sovereignty over the Aegean islands and is attempting to meddle in Greek internal affairs, primarily through the Turkish Consulate in Komotini, which has become the focal point of efforts to manipulate the illegitimate election process for the Muslim minority in Thrace.

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