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2021 UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY MEETING: The Nigerian Perspective.

The united nations general assembly meeting for 2021, is now history. As usual, nations participated through their leaders, to ventilate their views on domestic and international issues, as they affect them. It was also an opportunity to profer solutions to problems affecting the world as a village. Predictably, one expected COVID-19 to be on the agenda. Especially, against the backdrop that, the vaccine which is supposed to be a source of happiness to the global populace, is generating an unprecedented fear and subsequent rejection, even as waves and waves of the COVID surfaces. Climate change matter couldn’t have been unexpected. In fact, it has become a constant in global discourse. Afghanistan, especially the unexpected victory of the Taliban over the American backed government, was equally expected to attract world leaders’ attention. For instance, was the victory of the Taliban as a result of a carefully planned and well executed war strategy? Or did the American forces under the leadership of President Joe, Biden simply capitulated? What was actually the interest of the Americans in Afghanistan, in the first place? Pre 1980s, it was about national pride or ego. We had the Americans on the side of the Mujahideen. The Russians, predictably, took sides with the Taliban. It was an era of cold war. It didn’t matter whether Afghanistan had any economic potentials or not. The two world powers wouldn’t simply agree on any matter, be it trivial or important. Over the last twenty years, the Americans had been calling the shots in Afghanistan. Before their very eyes, Osama bin Laden planned and executed the most wicked and deadly terrorist attack ever known to man, using Afghanistan as a base. The presence of the American forces there, could not prevent it from happening. By the time it came to the fore, the famous World Trade Center in New York, was in ruins. Over three thousand lives were terminated. Millions of the world population, were thrown into mourning. Several other critical infrastructures in the US, we’re destroyed. Having done this, to Pakistan, specifically, Abuttabad, Bin Laden fled, until President Obama got him. Amidst this scenario, of what use was the American presence in Afghanistan until now? I ask this, for the sake of those questioning the rationale behind President Biden calling it quit with Afghanistan.

Whether the issues spoken about so far, were in the agenda or not, however, they were/are Germaine contemporary issues of importance. However, more important to this writer, is the Nigerian participation at the forum. I have no problem with the Nigerian leadership participating at any global gathering. But, they must do so with a sense of purpose and responsibility. Accept it or not, this government has a lot of opposition at home. The reason is obvious: the economic climate had been unfriendly; the composition of the government had been lopsided; criminality is treated with kid gloves; free speech comes with a prize; corruption is unprecedented coupled with other societal ills. Given these, the populace had been polarized between the diehard Buharists and those who are passionately opposed to him. And more than ever before, several seperatists groups have emerged. IPOB, ODODUWA to name a few. It is on the back of these that, the recently concluded UNGA came up.

Given the myriad of problems back home, one expected the leaders to brace up for a possible protest from a section of the aggrieved populace. Therefore, to think that, an option of a counter protest would be a perfect response, is the height of failure on the part of presidential aides. The videos from the adjoining streets within the UN headquarters in New York, were quite embarrassing. In fact, the just concluded UNGA, was wholly a Nigerian show, but, for the wrong reasons. The opposing protesters made their voices so loud that, the other side simply looked miserable. The New York police department, had a hectic and torrid time controlling emotions. Their ears were filled with a lot of ugly stuff about Nigeria. Those who allegedly got paid fifty dollars to wear the Nigerian colours, did so because, they needed the money for survival. From the videos, they were far from being Nigerians. A man in suits who got slapped, though a Nigerian, could not even respond, possibly, out of self-guilt. What a show of shame in New York! What an embarrassment to the psych of those who still think Nigeria! Let’s get one thing clear; no one likes Nigeria as much as those protesters in New York.They are the real and proud Nigerians. They did what they did, to steer the leadership on the part of security, progress, equity, fair play, justice, secularism and corruption free environment. They don’t hate Nigeria. Sure, they don’t! With the right leadership, they are the people that, Nigeria needs, going forward. They provide the appropriate vibes that, propel the growth of any society. Good luck, Nigeria.



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