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5 Signs That Show That You Are Copper Deficient


Copper is a mineral that is found throughout the human body. Also, you need about 900mcg per day from your food to stay healthy. According to Healthline, copper helps your body to absorb iron from your intestine. Copper is important to build collagen for healthier skin, teeth, bones, joints, and hair. In this article, we will discuss 5 signs that show that you are copper deficient:

Pale Skin

The first sign of copper deficiency is pale skin and greying of the hair. This is because copper contains a compound that helps in producing melanin in the body. Melanin helps prevent your body from damage that may come from the sun. Melanin is also a color pigment in your hair and skin that gives your body the proper structure.

Excessive Fatigue

The second sign of lack of copper is excessive fatigue. If you find yourself tired around noonday then you may be low in copper or suffering from anemia. This means you have low oxygen in the body causing you to get weak, fatigued, and tired. Eating food rich in vitamin C and copper makes you overcome this problem.Weak Bones

The third sign of lack of copper is weak bones. This is because copper help in providing collagen to the body which also helps to provide stronger bone. Therefore, when there is low copper you will experience weakness in your bone. A common condition is called sway back where you found loses its natural curve.


The fourth sign of copper deficiency is dizziness or lack of balance. This is because copper is needed for the coating of your nerve. As such a lack of copper can cause your nerves to start misfiring thus sending the wrong signal. 

Feeling Cold All The Time

Last but not least is feeling cold all the time. This is another problem of low copper in the body. This is because copper, zinc, and selenium are good for the thyroid hormone. The thyroid hormone is the gland on your neck that controls body temperature. Therefore, the thyroid prevents cold feet, nose, and palms, as such lack of copper can cause cold feet. 

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