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8 Uses Of Vaseline You Would Never Have Guessed!

Sometime in 1865, Robert Chesebrough hit it big when he patented Vaseline as an emollient. However, Vaseline’s usefulness surpasses keeping dryness at bay. Its thick consistency suggested that Vaseline could be an ideal lubricant, and these days, it is used as a solid base for mixing other skincare ingredients. In recent times, Vaseline has become […]

a staple in both the skincare and makeup industries. Because Vaseline is hypoallergenic, meaning that it has low risks of causing an allergic reaction, it is usually the first pick for people with sensitive skin. Many beauticians and makeup artists inculcate vaseline into their makeup boxes, as we’ll be seeing in a few minutes.

Here are a few uses of vaseline for you to ponder!

  1. To create DIY body scrub- Vaseline makes an excellent base for a coffee and sugar mix or any other scrub ingredient. The lubricating action of vaseline will reduce harsh abrasion and prevent you from scrubbing injuries and redness or tenderness after scrubbing. Scrubs made with vaseline can be stored.
  2. Tame your hair and brows- Slicking your brows with vaseline is one way to tame a bushy brow and prep it for makeup. Vaseline also gives your brows a fuller appearance. The same trick applies to hair care. Vaseline can be used to tame your flyaways and minimize split ends. Plus, it keeps your hair looking healthy and moisturized in dry weather.
  3. Relieve a diaper rash- A coat of vaseline with every diaper change will soothe an ongoing rash episode. In about four days, the rash should be gone. Vaseline application also keeps your baby warm and snuggly all day. Be careful not to use a heavy hand; it may cause discomfort.
  4. Change your makeup game- The solution to an empty makeup bag is vaseline! With vaseline, you can turn your powder blush into a cream blush for a warmer look, instantly diversifying your limited makeup products. Vaseline also makes for lip gloss, and mixed with a suitable tint, may become a waxy lip stain. Dab a little vaseline on your cheekbones and you’ve got a popping highlight!
  5. Remove eye makeup- The thick, lubricating texture of vaseline makes it suitable as a makeup remover. One issue with strong makeup removers is that they may sting the eyes if they get too close. Vaseline, on the other hand, is safe enough to be applied to the waterline, where it seeps into dried eye products and breaks them down. Wiping the makeup off becomes a piece of cake.
  6. Prevent ear and nose irritations with jewellery- People with sensitive skin experience breakouts and minor irritations when they wear jewellery. This situation is said to worsen with dry skin. Vaseline prevents irritations because it is a natural non-irritant, and its emollient activity lubricates the ear holes so your jewellery slides in painlessly.
  7. Soothe scrubby nails- If you get your nails polished every other day, you may notice that your normal nails are getting brittle. Apply a bit of vaseline to your damp hands to rehydrate them and protect your nails from chipping.
  8. Prevent rusting of razors- Buying a stack of razors seems like a waste of time when they all rust. If you can’t get rid of the rust or moisture, apply a thin layer of vaseline to all sides of a dry razor, fold it back, and keep it. Atmospheric moisture will be unable to permeate the vaseline layer, so your blades will always be good as new.

Vaseline promotes skin repair and supports the integrity of your skin’s barrier. Use vaseline to promote healing and to prevent skin splits.

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