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Atiku’s wife confirms divorce rumours, clarifies row over assets

Jennifer, one of the spouses of previous Vice President Atiku Abubakar, has affirmed her separation to the previous official applicant of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

In a proclamation got on Tuesday, the ex-VP’s better half clarified that she didn’t demand separate in light of the fact that Atiku wedded another spouse.

“That His Excellency wedded another spouse was never the reason for our concern as many have said. His Excellency is a Muslim and I have never addressed him or planned to get some information about his spouses,” she said.

As per her, a portion of Atiku’s companions attempted to intervene and stop the separation however their endeavors fizzled.

Jennifer clarified that “the center justification behind the separation was conflict over my proceeded with stay in the United Kingdom” among other “long-standing issues”.

She additionally guaranteed that Atiku had mentioned to gather a resource recently given to her, adding that the property in Dubai is a subject of prosecution.

She said Atiku had vowed to give her the comparable in worth of the Dubai property however reneged.

She additionally asserted that helpers to the official competitor of the PDP are compromising her.

She said: “For quite a while, particularly over the most recent couple of weeks, there has been a ton of reports available for use about the condition of my union with his Excellency Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the Waziri Adamawa, GCON. The tales got more awful as they kept on coursing. I consider it significant to protect myself against the determined purposeful publicity to insult my personality and position me in an awful light and harm my name. Without turning to illogical talk, I would resolve the two central points of interest close by:
(1) That I requested a separation since His Excellency got hitched once more.
(2) That I sold his Excellency’s home in Dubai.
“On June 26, 2021, I requested that His Excellency award me a separation considering the breakdown of our marriage. Also, during that period, I let him know that I stay at his s administration to keep on helping him in his exercises regardless of whether I am not generally hitched to him. At the very least a few companions of his Excellency attempted to intervene in this. I express gratitude toward them most thoughtfully and stay appreciative for the endeavors of individuals like Peter Okocha, Senator Ben Obi, Tunde Ayeni, Captain Yahaya, and Senator Ben Bruce.

The center justification behind the separation was conflict over my proceeded with stay in the United Kingdom, to care for my youngsters and a few other long-standing issues. I expected to assume the part of a mother right now to the kids who have gone through the shortfall of both dad and mother growing up; particularly, with the section of my senior sister who used to care for them. Besides, considering COVID-multiple times, deciding to remain with the kids was nonnegotiable. Furthermore, in accordance with Northern culture, the new spouse takes up the stick so I can likewise zero in on giving the children more consideration.”

She clarified that not illuminating her authoritatively as indicated by northern/Islamic culture, she I had some awareness of his new spouse from the time he was dating her and when he ultimately wedded her.” I have thoughtfully welcomed our new wife to my child’s wedding in Dubai in 2018 with practically no evil sentiments and praised his Excellency when our new wife was taken care of.

“I was at that point mindful that His Excellency had gotten hitched to our new spouse yet that didn’t discourage me from supporting him and to be sure, we went through a most thorough electioneering effort and gathered monstrous help for his political race in 2019.

“I trust this carries this issue to rest as I didn’t take off from the house as a result of his new marriage.

Jennifer further clarified that the wedding home in Asokoro, where they dwelled was talented to her by him even before we moved into that home from a past home.

Her words: “Without a doubt, His Excellency made his Private Secretary process the DEED of task reports for the house, which he did and gave to me. I then, at that point, started handling the title to the property.

“During the underlying intercession conversation, Excellency rejected that he gifted the house even after I showed him the report with the marks of his helper, his Excellency requested that I give him the deed.

At the point when I asked him, where will I and the children stay when we come to Nigeria?, he let me know that since I am the one that requested a separation, I should track down a spot to remain, and in this way, I moved out.

“His Excellency further provided requests to have my nephews residing with me in the house catapulted inside an hour and provided orders that I and my relatives are not permitted to go into the house. Subsequently, during my last visit to Nigeria in December 2021, I remained at an inn. I have long delivered these resources for him and thusly emphasize that the titles are available to him to get at whatever point he considers fit.

“There has been a great deal of hypothesis on the Dubai home. For some time now, I had intentionally avoided Dubai until I took care of that property in September 2021 after his Excellency reneged on his promise to give the current worth of the said property in return. At the point when I came to Nigeria, toward the beginning of September 2021. I requested to have a private discussion with His Excellency. During that discussion, I illuminated his Excellency that once I return to the United Kingdom, I will go to Dubai and assume control over the house. He consequently left for his clinical outing to Germany declining to address any of the issues I secretly needed to close with him outside of outsiders.

•I in this manner headed out to Dubai and took authority of the said property. When I did that, on 18 September 2021, His Excellency messaged me and I quote: “I hear you have moved to Dubai to assume control over the house. I’m as yet in Germany for my medicals. Ensure every one of my properties including (redacted) is flawless so I can gather every one of my properties. I hope everything works out for you.

•I reacted to him: ” Excellency, I am left with no other choice as we want to move on agreeably. I trust your medicals are coming up well. I wish you well as well.

•On nineteenth September 2021 in light of his message that I am not being friendly and I quote “Great morning, with due regard, Excellency, I told you on Saturday before you left for Germany, that I was returning to UK, take [our son] back for his test, then, at that point, come to Dubai. I repeated that day the requirement for a friendly goal.

I keep up with that position and stay at your administration, Your Excellency’.

• Further on Tuesday, September 21, 2021, I found out if he needed me to get together his garments and provide for Rahim (his driver) since the driver on his guidelines was moving his vehicles. I additionally found out if he needed me to have Rahim get together his office. Then, at that point, his Excellency messaged me back and inquired:
‘So it’s actually you have sold the estate?’
Accordingly, His Excellency sent the driver to claim every one of the vehicles.

The reality stays alive with respect to the Dubai house. I will offer no further remarks on this is on the grounds that it is the subject of suit recorded by his Excellency against me.

I want to likewise place on record that to take His Excellency resources, I would not have gotten back to him his property reports in Abuja and Jos and archive, permitted the driver to gather his vehicles, surrendered the house in Asokoro and Yola.

The last time I was in Nigeria I called to have the Asokoro and Yola records conveyed to him. It was rarely gotten I actually express that Excellency is allowed to send somebody to have the archives gotten whenever he considers fit.

• Since this episode, I dread for my wellbeing and that of my children. His Excellency’s security agents particularly Ibro and others have conveyed intimidations and called my family members, companions, and staff and looked for my resources for seizing and checking my calls and those of companions and relatives. Consequently, I have left my law office and sold every one of my resources, and moved to another country until harmony rules.

• I misunderstand didn’t entirely do anything but request separation and it torments me that I need to utilize this medium to resolve prickly issues yet dread that now, I would need to place my side of the story on record. Clearly, a mission of backbiting to add up to dishonor and place me in terrible light has started.

Regardless of everything that has occurred, I repeat that I requested a peaceful separation, which had to assume it had been conceded, we would not be the place where we are today. Separate is never a simple interaction for the two players. I emphasize that I want to believe that we can settle our issues secretly and I would stay at His Excellency’s administration would it be a good idea for him he wants my assistance, whenever.”

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