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Google’s First Africa Development Centre Established In Kenya.

By Ebor Cletus Ralph Jr.

Where is Nigeria, the giant of Africa getting it wrong? This poser becomes imperative against the backdrop that, as the largest market in the Black world, it should naturally be the bride to be courted by all and sundry. Sadly, Nigeria gets snubbed despite her huge potentials, humanly and materially.

Take for instance, American multinational technology company, Google, in what appears like a snubbing of Africa’s largest economy, Nigeria, has announced the establishment of its first Africa product development centre in Nairobi, Kenya.

The centre which is expected to help create transformative products and services for people in Africa and around the world is coming barely 4 weeks after Microsoft opened new African Development Centre at Ikoyi, Lagos.

This was made known by Google’s Vice President of the product, Ms Susan Frey, at a Virtual Media Round Table, where she said that Google would also be hiring for the development centre


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