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Here Are 16 Things Hip-Hop Fans Need to Get Over in 2022

Here Are 16 Things Hip-Hop Fans Need to Get Over in 2022

Hip-hop is huge and all-encompassing both as a style of music and culturally. When a genre has a lot of artists and fans, that leads to more people being passionate about it. But with that passion comes complaints and hang-ups, some of which can be unfounded at best and offensive at their worst. Everyone has thoughts on hip-hop and the direction it’s going in, and that’s fine, but certain issues are silly, and not worth the time put into them. As it comes to hip-hop, a lot of the things rap fans hand-wring over have been there for a long time. In other cases, new things pop up that fans take issue with. Either way, it’s time to let them all go. Let’s get into the things hip-hop fans need to get over in 2022.

When it comes to rap names, “Lil” is never going away. Lil Baby, Lil Yachty, Lil Durk and the legendary Lil Wayne are all examples of artists who have blown up big despite their “Lil” moniker. With success stories like that, artists that have come after them are inspired to follow in their footsteps of course. The “Lils” are never going away.

The world of music moves so quickly now, and that comes with positive and negative sides to it. The pace at which releases happen means you can find a new favorite artist every week. The other side of that is rap fans expect their favorite artists to constantly flood the market. Nearly every buzzing or bigger artist has experienced it; the hip-hop community celebrates an artist’s most recent project only to demand they drop more songs, leaks or snippets they played four months ago. This isn’t really sustainable, and fans need to practice more patience.

A thorn in the side of a lot of rap fans these days is also when rappers engage in foolish behavior on social media or in public while not having enough good songs. The internet makes it easier for acts to get attention, which is vital, but it can also open the door to rappers doing literally anything to get eyes on them. As annoying and exhausting as these kinds of desperate shenanigans can be, the clock always runs out on them. And when the clock runs out, those rappers are around a lot less often, and their attempts to grab the public’s eye slow down as everyone stops caring. So if a rapper’s doing too much online, no worries, it’ll stop soon.

Check the gallery below for more things rap fans need to get over.


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