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#HorribleBosses: Kadaria Ahmed Apologises After Ex-Employees Called Her Out. 

By Ebor Cletus Ralph Jr.

Kadaria Ahmed, a media personality, has taken to her Twitter handle to apologise to ex-employees who mentioned her as one of the horrible bosses they had to deal with in the past.


Recall that the conversation about #HorribleBosses started after TechCabal published the viral piece in which they called out Bento Africa boss, Ebun Okundayo, for being a tyrant to his staff. The piece stirred major conversations, with Nigerians gathering on Twitter Spaces to share their own experiences with other bosses.


Kadaria Ahmed was called out during such meetings, which is why she has taken to Twitter to admit her faults and to promise on becoming better.


She wrote: “Woke up to news that my name was mentioned in the marathon that was #HorribleBosses. A few friends shared the link, I thank them but won’t be listening mostly because I don’t want to close the door to reconciliation with some of those that left us, so don’t want the names.


“I am sure some of what was said is true particularly when it comes to my temper. It is bad and I am constantly ashamed of it but I promise I am working on taming it. Outside that no one can say we don’t care. Not only do we fulfill all our statutory obligations we do what we can within the limitations of a small business to make life easier for staff and show we care. For example we provide lunch while celebrating each and every staff members birthday with a cake . Our health insurance has mental health support included. Not just that, where a staff gets into serious difficulty we provide financial support, actually, I, not we. Last year, I paid full annual rent for 4 members of staff and helped another rebuilt a house swept away by the rains.


“This plus small stuff like bribe money for one mother in law from hell; just to give a fuller picture. Could list issues we face including HR ones as we build a media company, won’t cos will sound like justification. I apologize especially to those who rightfully expect better.” She concluded.








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