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How to use guava leaves to purge your kidneys and clear out infections


The kidneys, which are shaped like beans, are a pair of organs found in every vertebrates. They filter out toxins, keep your electrolytes in check, and keep your blood pressure normal. The kidney is vulnerable to pathogens and infections due to the toxins it must process in order to perform its many functions. Regular kidney purging is necessary for healthy kidney function, and guava leaves are one such plant leaf that can be used for this purpose. Guava leaves are rich in organic substances that are beneficial to the body and its organs, including the kidneys.

MedicalNewsToday attributes the kidney purging and infection clearing benefits of guava leaves to the high levels of flavonoids, terpenoids, and other important antioxidants and phytochemical substances found in guava leaves, including quercetin, avicularin, apigenin, guaijaverin, kaempferol, hyperin, myricetin, gallic acid.

 In this article I will explain how to use guava leaf in purging the kidney and out infections based on article released by MedicalNewsToday and WebMD

Infectious-disease-causing microorganisms like E. coli, salmonella, bacillus cereus, and staphylococcus aureus can be halted by consuming guava leaf or its extract or tea, according to research. The leaves or it’s extract contains a wide variety of compounds, including tannins, triterpenes, cineol, flavonoids, malic acid, eugenol, and chlorophyll. These bioactive substances can inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses and regulate blood sugar levels. Because of these qualities, guava leaves are highly efficient in clearing out infections and inflammation.

Vitamin A and other phytonutrients found in guava leaf extract help protect kidney cells from oxidative stress and keep the body functioning at its best. Other antioxidant-rich compounds found in guava leaf extract include lutein and lycopene.

Vitamins B6, E, and K, as well as minerals like manganese, magnesium, and copper, are all present in satisfactory quantities in guava which are needed in the body for optimal functioning.

How To Make Guava Leaf Tea

How To Make Guava Leaf Tea Using Fresh Guava Leaves.

Fresh guava leaves, around 5-10 of them, should be washed and placed in a cooking vessel.

Add one liter of water.

Allow to boil for 10-30 minutes.

Filtered, and consumed as guava leaf tea.

A spoonful of honey could help improve the flavor.

Using Dried Guava Leaves

Crush or pulverize some dried guava leaves into powder.

Add 2-4 teaspoons of the powder into a cup containing boiled water, and let it rest for 7 minutes. 

Your guava leaf tea is ready to be served.

One spoonful of honey could help improve the flavor.

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