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Joyner Lucas Roasts Snoop Dogg’s Dreadlocks

Joyner Lucas Roasts Snoop Dogg’s Dreadlocks, Snoop Jokes He Might Have to Go Bald

Joyner Lucas recently had a good laugh roasting Snoop Dogg about the California rap legend’s hair.

On Tuesday (May 3), Joyner Lucas posted a video on his Instagram page where he is riding in a car with the Doggfather. In the clip, Joyner questions how long Snoop is going to hang on to his dreadlocks.

“When you gon’ cut [your hair?]… When you get like three dreads left like [Stevie Wonder]?” Joyner joked. “You gon’ keep it? When you gon’ cut that bitch off? ’Cause you know your shit going back, nigga. I know you be in the mirror like, damn, everyday. You know Stevie got like three of them bitches and he ain’t letting ’em go for nothing.”

Joyner continued, “Are you just gon’, ‘Fuck it, you know what, when my shit get back here, I’m just gon’ cut off my three dreads?’ Or you just gon’ be like Stevie, nigga?”

Snoop Dogg, who has worn his hair long for the last 30 years, then conceded that his receding hairline may cause him to take alternative measures.

“I might have to go bald-head in a minute and wear wigs and shit, fuck it,” the 50-year-old rapper joked. “Everybody else wearing muthafuckin wigs. Get a whole closet full of wigs. Let’s go perm today. We going dreadlocks, we going French braids, we going afro, we going flattop.”

Joyner Lucas has had his own hairline fail him. Back in 2018, the Massachusetts rapper asked Tory Lanez for help with his hairline issues after seeing Tory’s owe hairline make a comeback via a cosmetic procedure.

Check out Joyner Lucas roasting Snoop Dogg’s hair below.


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