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NARD Holds Firm in Unyielding Strike, Demands Met Awaited!

NARD's Unwavering Resolve: The Fight for Better Healthcare Continues

In a resolute stand, the Nigerian Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) continues its relentless strike on day four, as the Federal Government is yet to meet their demands. Representing approximately 15,000 resident doctors among the country’s over 40,000 physicians, NARD remains firm in its pursuit of fair treatment and improved conditions.

During a press conference in the vibrant city of Lagos State on a lively Saturday, NARD’s President, Dr. Emeka Oji, reaffirmed their commitment to the nationwide strike. Dr. Oji asserted that they would not relent until the government takes concrete steps to address their demands, as outlined in the ultimatum presented on July 15, 2023.

With unwavering determination, NARD appeals to the National Executive Committee (NEC) for prompt resolutions from both federal and state governments. The urgency to resolve these issues is crucial, as NARD seeks to avert any further disruption in the healthcare sector across the nation.

Despite their strong stance, NARD finds itself navigating the complexities of solidarity. While the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), their parent body, is not currently participating in the strike, NARD remains undeterred. Dr. Oji emphasized the importance of ongoing engagement with the NMA, and members across states are encouraged to collaborate with their respective state officers’ committee of the Nigerian Medical Association.

As the strike continues to capture attention nationwide, NARD remains steadfast, forging ahead with hope that their demands will be met, and the well-being of healthcare professionals will be given the priority it rightfully deserves.

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