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Reps probe death of Nigerian man allegedly tortured by Indonesia immigration officials

The House of Representatives on Wednesday mandated its committees on Diaspora and Foreign Affairs to investigate the allegations of heavy-handedness and inhuman treatment of a Nigerian citizen, late Arinze Igweike, and other Nigerians by Indonesian officers, and report back within four weeks.

TRNY had reported that Igweike was allegedly beaten to death while in the custody of Indonesian immigration officials.

The latest development followed the adoption of a motion on “Urgent need to address the violation of human rights and unfair treatment of Nigerians in Indonesia”, by Lynda Chuba-Ikpeazu.

In her motion, the lawmaker noted that Indonesia is a signatory to the United Nation’s Universal Declaration on Human Rights of 1948, which advocates for the protection of the fundamental rights and freedom of every human being.

She, however, expressed concerns that despite various reports of the heavy-handedness of Indonesian security and law enforcement officers towards Nigerians that have led to allegations of illegal arrests, detention, tortures, extortions, and other unreported fundamental human rights breaches, nothing has been done to reverse this “unfortunate and unsavory trend.”

Chuba-Ikpeazu recalled the recently reported case of a Nigerian who was arrested in Jakarta by Indonesian immigration police for unidentified offenses and eventually died in police custody without any proceedings being brought against him.

The lawmaker also recalled that in July 2020, another Nigerian, identified as Chukwueze died after he was allegedly arrested, extorted, and tortured by Indonesian Immigration officials, thereafter resulting in massive protests at the Nigeria Embassy in Jakarta against discrimination and targeted raids by Indonesian officers.

“There is an urgent need to address the heavy-handedness and inhuman treatment meted on Nigerians by the Indonesian Authorities, before more Nigerians lose their lives, as this will undoubtedly strain the relationship between the Nigerian and Indonesian government if not addressed,” she added.


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