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Sobbing Russian soldiers slam Putin for killing ‘civilians and children’ in ‘treacherous’ invasion of Ukraine

A group of sobbing Russian soldiers has apologized for killing “civilians and children” in Ukraine.

Speaking at an emotional press conference, the seven army reconnaissance officers who were captured after being shot down from Ukrainian airspace last week, slammed Vladimir Putin over the “treacherous invasion”.

One of the soldiers, Galkin Sergey Alekseevich, said:

“I apologize for myself, for my squad to every home to every street to every citizen of Ukraine, to the elderly, to women, to children for our invasion of these lands.

“I gravely apologize for our treacherous invasion.

“To the generalship of our military units I would like to say one thing – that they’ve acted cowardly, that they acted traitorously to us.”

The 34-year-old, from Roschchinsky, Russia, went on to beg warmongering Putin to “stop sending soldiers” to kill in Ukraine. He also urged his country to lay down its arms.

Alekseevich said;

“I would like to say to all regiments of the Russian army – lay down your arms.

“And Russian president Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin stop further combat actions.

“Stop bombings, stop sending soldiers here to kill civilians, to perform airstrikes.”

This is coming after demoralized Russian soldiers last week begged to go home in intercepted calls to their families, saying they were being “massacred” in Ukraine.

One shaken trooper broke down in tears as kind-hearted Ukrainians helped him call his mum. Another said he and his comrades were like “cannon fodder” adding he would “do anything to come back home”.

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