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Things Women Do That Men Find Difficult To Resist.

By Ebor Cletus Ralph Jr

Things Women Do That Men Find Difficult To Resist.



“According to Boldsky”, while some men look for beauty, there are men who look for characteristics other than just good looks in women. These men go crazy when they see women doing things that distinguish them from others.




In this article, we will be looking at 5 things women do that men find hard to resist.


1. Biting Lips


When you go out on a date with a man, pay attention to his reaction, when you slightly bite your lips while making eye contact. Some men love it when you bite your lips, this makes them weak and they become obsessed with you.


2. Stealing Glances


What could be more tempting than the moment when a man finds you looking secretly at him? Some men love the feeling of being wanted. The moment they find out that you have been secretly crushing on them, they will feel attracted to you.


3. Playing With Hair


Some men love it when women play with their hair. But that doesn’t mean you have to be playing with your hair the whole day. Men love it when they see you playing with your hair when you are feeling shy. They also love it when you flip the hair while turning towards them.


4. Showing Playfulness


Men can go crazy when they see a playful lady. It reveals that you can relax and have fun at times. They love women who can laugh loudly at their jokes. This makes them feel valuable and special.


5. Wearing Confidence


Men see confident women as potential life partners. It shows that you are capable of taking decisions on your own and do not need anybody to make you feel complete.






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