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How You Can Use Activated Charcoal To Clear Out Excess Cholesterol From Your Body



Many people are not aware about the impressive health benefits of charcoal. Various studies have proven that activated charcoal has medicinal properties. Activated charcoal is a type of charcoal that has been treated with oxygen at extreme temperatures to make it more porous. It is characterized by its dark color, it is also odorless and tasteless. According to Healthline, this article will show you how you can use activated charcoal to clear out excess cholesterol from your system. Kindly read till the end.

Activated charcoal is said to maintain healthy cholesterol levels because it helps to bind to cholesterol-containing bile acids in your stomach, hence preventing them from being absorbed. Studies show that this has positive effects on your cholesterol levels. Activated charcoal can be taken as a supplement or in a powdered form.

Studies show that taking about 24 grams of activated charcoal daily for 4 weeks can help to lower your LDL (bad) cholesterol and increase the good ones (HDL). Although this may sound surprising to many, activated charcoal is actually very good for our health as it has also been proven to improve kidney functions. However, it is important to know that activated charcoal is different from the regular ones. The former has been treated with oxygen, unlike the common one. 

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