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Shame on you, You will push us into World War III’

A Canadian author and political activist caused quite a stir as he accused the Canadian government and NATO of sponsoring the war in Ukraine despite not wanting to defend the country.

Yves Engler, interrupted Canadian foreign minister Melanie Joly’s speech at the Montreal Council on Foreign Relations on Tuesday, March 22, asking the West to stop using Ukraine as a proxy against Russia, alleging that the actions of the west will lead to World War III.

As Melanie Joly was speaking, Engler stood up and started saying “Shame on you, why didn’t you push Kyiv to sign the Minsk Accord? You’re going to push us to WWIII, No to war! No to NATO!

Canada, like other Western nations, has been supplying a lot of military equipment including rocket launchers and grenades to Ukraine.

“Stop using Ukraine as a proxy against Russia,” Engler said and left before security could take him into custody.

He then shared the video of the moment on his official Twitter account.

Watch it below.


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