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“May your killers never find peace”

Friends are mourning a young lady found dead in a hotel room in Makurdi, the Benue State capital. 

Trendynews earlier reported that the deceased identified as Takor Veronica was found dead inside the room of the hotel located in the Nyinma area in Makurdi.

The victim was said to have been taken to the hotel at the weekend only for her dead body to be discovered on Saturday.

Spokesperson of the State Police Command, SP Catherine Anene, who confirmed the incident, denied a report that some of the lady’s body parts were removed.

“There is a death report of a lady in a hotel but details will come from doctors; we did not see marks of violence on her body. So, the autopsy will reveal the cause of the death. The person that died was dressed; we didn’t see marks on her body meaning there were no injuries,” she stated.

“Three suspects were arrested in connection with this case, so they will give us details. We can’t say it is a case of murder because we didn’t see marks of violence.” the PPRO added.

Meanwhile, friends have taken to social media to mourn the young woman. One Agoh Luter Jude wrote:

“So this is true God?? I didn’t know you visited me on Wednesday to say good buy. after 5 years of graduation from COE.K.ala. Takor Veronica decided to visit me last for the last time but I didn’t know. just for me to wake up today and hear of her death. i didn’t want to believe and I find it hard to believe up till now. BBY V.may your killers never find peace in their lives. and may God receive u in his kingdom.RIP friend.”

Ekotu Adanu wrote: AKOR VERONICA. Your death has made me believe there’s nothing in life. Last week we celebrated your birthday and today I’m being forced to type RIP. We haven’t recovered from Arnold’s death n now urs again?? Death where is thy sting. Death where is thy glory. The death you are wicked. Why would the good die young? I don’t have much to say cause I’m still shocked,”

“BSC microbiology miss u. Biological sciences miss u. Faculty of sciences miss u. Benue State University miss u. I miss you personally Vera. May angels welcome u to the heavenly Jerusalem. May ur Killers never find peace”


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