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Nigeria may not be working because we aren’t


Nigeria is not a Country, there is no one by the name of Nigeria, Union of a nation begins with an oath. Nigeria is cohesion and it is continuing by Cohesion, No particular citizen agreed to be called a Nigerian, as long as the Lie is sustained, Never expect anything from Nigeria. Kids who were born in the 80s and 90s are going along because they want their fathers to die and since you don’t know your history the main subjugation will start after all your fathers are all dead and gone. There was no contract that Joined the entities together. All the Politicians are just contractors cutting their own loot and running away because they have ensured the Joke is without Justice. Nigeria is not a country, If it was the structure of the colonial masters would have been demolished, Sad to say that while other African countries were destroying the structures of colonialism Nigeria kept even the Name given to her because there was no Leadership and no firm unity. The country has been on the merry-go-round and nothing tangible can happen in Nigeria except there is war, Do not deceive. yourself, NIGERIA will never work. we have to go back to seats as if the Colonial masters were just leaving to discuss if we want to be together. Nigeria is a country of countries Believe me, Nothing is ever going to work. I have watched these lies for over forty years. The Masses are wasting their own time by allowing criminals to rob them. Nothing in Nigeria will work


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